40th Anniversary

Due to various interruptions in all of our lives from the pandemic, many things that we had planned this year will either be postponed, canceled, or modified.

1) As of January 1, 2020 we started offering:

  • FREE hourly research during 2020 (copying and postage fees will still apply to large mailings of research materials)
  • HALF PRICE PUBLICATIONS during 2020. Please note – any books that we are sold out of and need to print on-demand will be full price

We are currently sold out of:

  • 1940 Piatt Co. Fed. Census, 2 volume set
  • Monticello Cemetery Records, 2 vol set
  • Marriage Records 1841-1874
  • Civil War Veterans for Piatt County
  • Veterans Obituaries 2002-2006
  • Veterans Obituaries 2007-2011

We currently only have one of:

  • Willow Branch Township Cemeteries (2ed)

2) We want to have our Anniversary Celebration as an in-person gathering. We have not set a date yet due to restrictions on gatherings. We intend to include some sort of online options for celebrating for those that live out of state. We will keep you posted.

*The family we are researching for our event is the Honselman family. The key person in our search is Ann (Tenbrook) Honselman (descendants and ancestors). Our research committee was busy until mid-March looking up information in our Library. When the pandemic restrictions hit we switched to online research. We have a lot of information so far. We still plan to contact Honselman and Tenbrook researchers. If you know someone, please have them contact us.

3) We will be giving away commemorative coffee cups and mini key chain flashlights at the celebration and mailed out to members who can’t join us.
*Due to businesses being closed we have not pursued having these items created yet. The design has been created and we are now looking to get

4) Summer Quarterly
We focused on our own Society history in the summer issue.

5) Fall Quarterly
We will have a summary version of the Honselman family history written up for those that might miss the celebration.
*This may be in the Winter Quarterly instead.

6) Winter Quarterly
We will wrap up our anniversary year and give a summary all of the celebratory events that transpired at the Society in 2020.
*This is all still happening, although many events may be online, rather than in-person.

Other things to look forward to…
Watch our Facebook page and our future Quarterlies to see if we come up with any other surprises for you to enjoy during our 40th Anniversary year.